Girlfriends (with Doris Ivy)

If there is anything hotter than two girls going at it, it’s when a tall and a smaller girl fuck the living daylight out of each other. That is exactly the case here: Beata Undine and Doris Ivy will – just for you – finger the other one’s pussy and lick some beautiful ass. The high point of the scene is probably when Beata fucks Doris with a bright red dildo – just watch that perfect butt move! But hey, what do I know? I love this whole scene!

Meeting the Trouser Monster!

Beata Undine is in for a very large treat at the end of her pleasant date with Ian Scott! Taking her back to his apartment, he gets the well-read, academically inclined young lady (she’s studying the Greek and Roman classics at college) into the mood for lovin’ by showing her a book of erotic stories from the nineteenth century, a volume that has been passed down in his family from grandfather to father to son…
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A Melon For Masturbation!

Beata Undine returns from shopping, carrying a bagful of healthful fruits: bananas, apples, and watermelon. She cuts off a piece of melon, then rubs it over her titties under her skimpy top. Lifting her blue denim miniskirt so she has easier access to her flower print panties, Beata then gets on the table, sticks her ass in the air, and munches on more melon while we get to imagine munching on her moons. Tugging aside her panties, she reveals her pussy in all its flowery splendor, then lays back on the table and masturbates herself while rubbing melon on her naked boobies
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Renata and Eugeniusz pt. 2

This couple skipped Teen Sex Fusion`s four play appetizers and ordered a few of the main inter courses. He ordered two helpings of the Deep Doggy Style Pussy Pounding. And Renata lapped up the titty-cumshot dessert.

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Tricky Old Teacher (32 pictures)

Stunning beauty of young coeds makes flithy-minded teachers use their power and trick dumb chicks for heavy-fucking. And marvelous teen Vika suffered the same fate, as she needed to raise her grades in any possible way. Old horny tutor offered her his stiff cock in exchange for better grades. she did her job wonderfully, sucking hot rod all over and mamming it hard with her pussy. Now she is the best student in her class…
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Nadmir, Trofim and Renata

“This hot trio is into the extreme dining experience offered at Sex Fusion that begins with sweet ass licking. The chef`s choice menu also includes a double stuffed teen where you chose the holes to stuff! But Renata`s favorite part was having her tight teen ass filled with cock.”

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